Spot Metals Trading in Dubai

Trading Metals with Alfa Financial

Alfa Financial offers investors the opportunity to purchase precious metals as part of a diversification strategy.Our technical analysis tools monitor the gold market regularly to bring you gold price predictions and gold market forecasts that can help you find the best positions in the gold market.Our daily live signals are good for both forex gold spot market traders and as well as for the long term gold investors.

Trade gold and silver online
An attractive investment alternative besides Forex
Hedge any positions
Trade with No extra fees
Why trade Metals?
  • Take short or long positions, trading in whichever direction the market goes.
  • Gold and silver are asset classes and stores of value in times of monetary uncertainty.
  • They follow political changes and make it possible for gold to act as a hedge or speculative investment against other markets in times of crisis or inflation.
  • Along with gold, silver is unique: due to its extensive demand in various industries, it has a more dynamic price than any other metals.
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