A Small Guide for Proper Forex Trade Execution

Posted on 29th January 2018
A Small Guide for Proper Forex Trade Execution

Successful implementation also goes hand-in-hand along with thorough preparation for success in Forex trading. Learning to navigate the forex markets can seem unnerving for novices; however, it's not unlikely. Here are few steps to establish yourself in the FX market:

  1. Be in the Loop on Market News: The importance of price action on how your trades play out cannot be dismissed. Whether you follow fundamental or technical analysis or maybe both-sudden news announcements, economic policies, reports or abrupt political developments influence your trades. Always follow market news & updates and stay well-informed before taking important trading decisions.

  2. Lower Spreads Can Be Money-Saving: The difference between your buying price and selling price is called the spread. It is measured in pips and this difference is how your forex broker makes his money, since most brokerages don't charge any commission. Different brokerages offer different spreads, so don't forget to compare spreads between brokers before setting up a trade.

  3. The Trading Interface, Your Brokerage Matters: Various brokerages offer different trading platforms with in-built features like live charting analysis, news feeds and other technical indicators. As a trader it is important to open a demo account with your broker first and test their trading platform before switching to a live account. Also choose your brokerage carefully. Seek advice from fellow traders and always go for a reputable firm with trustworthy credentials besides following strict regulatory oversight.

  4. Follow an Adaptable Trading Approach: No trading plan is cent per cent fool-proof and you need to make adjustments according to the changing market environment. Always keep checking the validity of your trade setups and never be averse to changing your position sizes, adjusting stops, making exits etc. if the situation demands it. If your initial trade plan makes allowances for various scenarios, nothing like it. Always remain focussed so that you can make smart decisions as and when required. Using good risk management techniques and a suitable risk-to-reward ratio will ensure your long-term survival in the markets so that you can live to trade another day.

  5. Apply Leverage Prudently: It is the use of leverage in forex trading that leads to limitless profits. Of course, leverage is a two-edged sword that amplifies your losses as well as gains. But if applied with caution, you can take calculated risks & accumulate enormous gains and hence the biggest bang for your buck.

  6. Don't Be Emotional: There is no room for emotions in trading. You need to have iron discipline and be unruffled by your trading reverses in order to stay focussed. Always make intelligent trading decisions and stick to them. Otherwise, even before you realise your mistakes will turn into habits.

Concluding Remarks: It is important to treat trading like any business. It is a venture and to increase your chances of success you ought to be prepared so that you can go on come what may.

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