To Be in Control of Your Trading, Stop Trying to Control the Market

Posted on 28th February 2020
Stop Controlling the Market | Alfa Financials


To really control your trading and trading mindset, the first thing that you should realize is there is never required a necessity to control the market. Most traders frequently attempt to control the market without being aware that they are controlling the market.

In fact, it is never possible to control the market. Any attempt that you take to control the market is a loss of time, and you may end up frustrated and desperate concerning your trade. When you understand that the facts that cannot be controlled or that cannot be predictable to a certain extent, you can focus more on things that you can control.

Market is Immeasurable

There are several variables that affect the market at any point or moment. No human can control anything that happens on the market. Any trader who trades on the market takes just only a single part in the vast immeasurable market. Understanding everything that happens is an impossible task for any trader; however, it is possible for the traders to stay updated about the changes and economic factors that influence the market.

For a successful trade, set an ultimate aim to execute your trading plan and trading edge strategies. Focus on what you can do with trading, and do not waste your time on something that is not controllable.

Importance of self-control while trading

Some traders fail o define a plan that seems realistic and straightforward. When things deviate from the path that has already been set, some traders leave the plan. And some traders who do not have adequate experience in trading may be weak in decisions and may lose their control under stress.

Self-control is an essential trait that every trader should possess for making any analytical decisions and trade execution. A centered and clear mind before entering a trade determines the success and sustainability of a trader in their trade. So, keep your expectations and emotions away from yourself to make your trading successful. You can gain some control over yourself by just realizing that you have no need to control the market.

Never Fail to Plan

If you feel that you really have a need to control the market, all you have to do is to make an effective trading plan. To be successful in trading, you not only have to become a good trader, but also a good trade planner. A good trading plan helps you to trade with discipline, control your emotions, and helps to improve your trading strategy.

There are several traders who plan a trade effectively, but fail to implement it. This will automatically turn your way from success. Do your own research based on your trading needs and develop a plan accordingly. Furthermore, test the plan that you have chosen in the beginning. An effective trading plan helps to organize your trading activities, as well as determine, decide, and manage positions.

As your trading plan helps to protect you from possible losses, failing to implement your trading plan can lead to loss of a considerable amount, possibly even the whole amount that you trade.

The Things That You Can Actually Control While Trading

There are certain things that you can, or you actually have to control while executing trades. Those are

  1. Entry and Exit: Deciding when you have to start or stop trade is purely under your control, and you are free to set the enter and exit level the market.
  2. Risk: You can control and manage the risk on every trade by placing stop losses and adjusting position sizes.
  3. Trading Plan and Strategies: You can analyze and choose which plan and strategy suit your trade, and you have all the freedom to decide what you want to put in for your trade.
  4. Emotions and Expectations: In order to succeed in a trade, the foremost quality a trader should possess is self-control and discipline. You can control your mental state of mind, and keep your emotions, temptations, and expectations aside for an excellent trade.
  5. Money: You can control or manage money by risking only an amount that you can afford to lose while trading as any investment in any trade will be under risk.


The best thing that you can do to control the market is to set and forget your trades. Any trade cannot blindly assure 100% success. Success only comes when preparations and opportunities meet together. That is, you can succeed if you have an effective trading plan with all your emotions, and plans to control the market aside can take you to success. It is not the market that has to be controlled, but it is controlling yourself that matters in a trade.

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