AX1 Trader for PC

AX1 Trader for PC

AX1 Trader- A Single Global Platform Transforming the World into One Global Exchange! This next generation platform strives to meet all the whims and fancies of the most finicky retail trader. At the same time, AX1 trader platform also endeavors to be the ultimate management console for a typical financial trading service provider. The modules included in the platform provide a wide range of customized solutions, catering to any type of business requirement in the fast-paced financial trading world.

Key Features
  • Highly Customizable Exchange Trading Software
  • Ease of use through its user friendly interface
  • Provide users the best in terms of Security, Speed and Perfection
  • Intelligent Order matching and Order Routing
  • Multi lingual support
  • Access to all sort of news- economic, entertainment, sports etc
  • Detailed Account statements
AX1 Trader for PC
About AX1 trader

AX1 Trader has been designed with a customer-centric approach and is fully customizable. The AX1 trader platform has an effective, adaptable structure that is capable of handling any trading related process and its requirements and caters to all your trading needs in various domains like commodity exchange, stock exchange, bullion, Futures and CFDs exchange or the Foreign Exchange (Forex).

Live Price Quotes

With AX1 you can get streaming real-time market quotes and live tradable prices for a basket of currencies, futures and CFDs. Our live streaming Forex quotes includes various products and currency pairs and we provide high-frequency updated data directly coming from big interbank liquidity providers and major exchanges around the world. This is the go-to forum for those who want to stay updated about world news in terms of market volatility.

Financial Indicators

Get a grip on the latest market trends with live, user-friendly and highly intuitive financial data for trading that has been seamlessly integrated into our AX1 platform. You are even able to design your own personalized charts menu for ready access to the currency prices and view the relevant charts and crucial quotes which can help in doubling profits by keeping track of breakouts, trend continuation or reversal each day. So be sure to bookmark this page for revisiting it later. Investors can access our free quotes and charts any number of times at

Order Types

We provide several options for placing an order. Place market orders, link orders to existing positions with limit and stop orders, or connect existing orders together among others. You can also define stops and limits in terms of the amount of pips from the current rate as an alternative to the specific rate.

Other defining features:
  • Single-click execution
  • Live chart based trading with customizable indicators
  • High-end technical analysis tools
  • Live Account statements
  • Rolling market news and commentary
  • Calendar
  • Language options
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